End Pet Ban for Tenants


15 March 2021
Animal welfare charities are supporting a Private Member’s Bill to end discrimination against tenants with pets.

The Second Reading of Romford MP Andrew Rosindell’s Dogs and Domestic Animals Accommodation and Protection Bill (‘Jasmine’s Law’) was tabled for the end of January. It seeks to reform rental laws, allowing people in rented accommodation to keep dogs and other animals. “Sadly, every year, pet owners who move into rented accommodation are faced with the reality that their family could be torn apart because most landlords in Britain have unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership,” said Mr Rosindell, a former shadow minister for animal welfare.

“My Bill brings an end to this discrimination, making it a right for someone who owns a dog or another domestic animal to live in their rented home, provided they demonstrate responsibility and care for the animal.” 

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