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29 February 2024
Dogmatic is the pioneering, dog-kind solution to pets pulling on the lead

Dogmatic succeeds where other training collars fail by offering an expertly designed fit that doesn’t ride up under or into your dog’s eyes and cause them distress and discomfort. Instead, unique padded strapping under and at the sides of the chin ensures that the Dogmatic always stays in place. By gently but firmly turning the dog’s head so that the body has to follow, it stops dogs pulling and lunging yet is comfortable to wear 100% reliable for dogs of any size or breed.

Patented as a truly one-of-its-kind headcollar, Dogmatic is widely endorsed by dog trainers and behaviourists, its global popularity and appeal bolstered by an ever-increasing bank of success stories and a very loyal customer base.

It’s the kind, cost-effective way for dog owners to get their pets under control and as dog lovers, this has always been the most important thing for the brand’s founders. The team behind this British brand are themselves experienced dog owners who have been owning and showing dogs for over 30 years.

The Dogmatic concept was born from Susan and Zoe Lewsley’s desire to better control their own dogs on the lead. This became a necessity after Susan suffered serious disc and nerve problems. Increasing bouts of arthritis and eleven major operations later, she had found walking her own dogs a major challenge and needed a solution.

Susan and Zoe’s Dobermanns were the canine guinea pigs for the very first Dogmatic headcollar. The mother and daughter team sourced the best quality materials and tweaked their design meticulously until it worked perfectly. It wasn’t long before dog owners at shows and on the street started approaching them to ask where they’d bought their impressive kit. A demand was born, and the rest is history.

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Today, Dogmatic continues to make even the most overpowering, excitable pet instantly ‘walkable’. Susan is particularly happy to be helping other physically impaired owners walk their dogs confidently and safely. “In some cases, being able to control their dog on the lead has meant some owners can keep their pet and not have to give them up,” she says. “We’ve also helped a lot of elderly owners rediscover the joy of being able to walk their dog, which is so rewarding.”

While the Dogmatic offers a solution for any breed, shape, or size dog* that’s out on the lead, it’s also offering a life-saving solution to the growing number of dogs in rescue centres who may be deemed untrainable and therefore unsuitable for rehoming.

“Our genuine love of dogs and a desire to make walk time a much safer, more enjoyable experience for everyone is what drives us with Dogmatic,” says Zoe. “We love what we do and one of the biggest joys is meeting the owners and dogs that our headcollar has helped.”

*Due to the nose strap design of Dogmatic, it is not suitable for flat-faced breeds

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