Dog Treat or Poison? Common snacks may be harming your dog


27 March 2015

Dogs will generally eat anything, and they will always be sniffing around the table during meal times hoping for your leftovers. However, it'll be no surprise to you, that some human food can be unhealthy for your dog.

Pet health experts Vet Medic have produced this handy infographic that helps you to pay more attention to what you're feeding your dog. The easy-to-follow infographic explains what food is beneficial and which are potentially harmful. Make sure you share the infographic with friends to warm them off potentially poisoning their beloved doggy.

Did you know that apples are great for dogs? They satisfy a dog's desire to chew and remove toxins from the intestinal tract, strengthen intestinal muscles and remove harmful bacteria. But not all fruit is good for your dog's health, grapes and raisins are full of toxicities that can cause sudden development of kidney failure within 48 hours of snacking – what a horrible thought!

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It's important to remember, though, no food is right for every dog – so watch that they eat, and make sure that you're the one setting the menu, not the dog.

Vet Medic have a range of other information available on the website, including signs of dental disease in dogs, tips for travelling, and other tips to help you care for your pet.