Dog-friendly holiday review: 2 Warmore Cottages, Somerset


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04 July 2014

For pet owners themselves, 2 Warmore Cottages is an appealing option. The property boasts a four tick rating, meaning that human inhabitants can enjoy an extra level of comfort not normally associated with dog friendly accommodation. It's roomy too, with three double bedrooms, a fitted kitchen, separate dining room and study.

But how does the cottage intend to make the four legged guests feel at home? The first thing to highlight is space; there's plenty of it, including a utility room which features a dog sized-sofa, just one of the many thoughtful touches in this well-appointed holiday home. The second thing to mention is the enclosed lawned garden. For many pet owners, an enclosed garden is an absolute must, so 2 Warmore Cottages gets a big tick here.

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So far so good then, but it's not just what's inside that counts. For a holiday rental to be truly dog friendly, the surroundings need to be suitable for your furry friend too. Thankfully, as previously mentioned, 2 Warmore Cottages is set in a rural location, yet is close enough to the popular town of Dulverton so as to make picking up extra dog food less of a chore.

With sufficient space, safety and comfort, as well as the promise of adventure on your doorstep, 2 Warmore Cottages is the ideal holiday home for you and your dewy nosed pal. Sykes Cottages do a great job of highlighting the features which make a property pet friendly, so the next time you're planning a UK holiday with your dog, why not give them a try. Just click here to find out more.