Dog First Aid training to be given to Police dog handlers


14 June 2021
Britain’s brave police dogs are to receive a boost to their care, thanks to a new nationwide campaign.

Spearheaded by Animal Friends Insurance, the unique initiative aims to issue free first aid training and kits to police dog handlers so they can offer their courageous canine charges greater support in times of need.

Dog First Aid Training experts, police dog charity the Thin Blue Paw Foundation, and police forces up and down the country are teaming up to ensure the country’s 1,500 police dogs can receive immediate care should they get injured in the line of duty.

A free bespoke virtual course will be provided by Dog First Aid Training, which will teach police dog handlers how to treat immediate blunt force trauma injuries, burns, fractures, severe sprains, and wounds, as well as identify the signs of shock.

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They will also receive a free tailor-made dog first aid kit from the Thin Blue Paw Foundation, funded by a £10,000 donation from Animal Friends.

All serving police dog handlers can sign up for a course.

Kieran Stanbridge, trustee of the Thin Blue Paw Foundation, said: “Being able to efficiently risk-assess a scene and administer dog first aid could be life-saving in an emergency.”