Did you know? The Natural Dog Food Company are donating 20,000 meals to rescue centres across the UK!


10 December 2019
Christmas is a wonderful time of year, however, for many dogs it can be a lonely time, as many end up at rescue centres around Christmas, through no fault of their own, and so donations are even more welcome. That’s why Natural Dog Food Company are donating an incredible 20,000 meals to help rescue centres across the UK over the Christmas period!

Rescue centres need all the support we can give them, especially this time of year. Dogs are often given as a gift for Christmas however without the proper thought and consideration this can often lead to disaster, it is so important to carefully consider the responsibility that a pet brings and weather you can provide everything they need before making such a commitment. If you are planning on getting a dog at any time of year why not consider a rescue dog? They come in all shapes, sizes with different needs and rescue centres will ensure a dog is matched with the correct human. They will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide all the information you need about each dog.

Before you make the decision to bring a dog into your family, rescue or not, make sure you are aware of the commitment a dog will need from you. Head over to www.naturaldogfoodcompany.com for tips on things to consider before searching for a dog.

You can also find tips on keeping your dog safe this Christmas! Baubles, tinsels, toys and festive food are all wonderful however these things can be very dangerous to our furry friends. Christmas also sees lots of guests, fun and games however for some dogs this can be overwhelming so it is important to consider how your dog will cope during the festive period.

It isn’t just the rescue centres that are benefiting from their festive cheer this Christmas, The Natural Dog Food Company are offering 15% off orders throughout December exclusively to Your Dog readers, simply use the code YOURDOG15 at the checkout when placing an order online at www.naturaldogfoodcompany.com!

Also, any order placed in December will be automatically entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a year’s supply of Natural Dog Food products!

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