Dedicate a tree in your dog’s favourite place and give something back to woods and wildlife


01 February 2018
How much does your best friend love a walk in the woods? Dogs always seem happiest when they’re allowed a long run through the trees — usually through whatever mud they can find — and return home exhausted, ready for a flop in front of the fire.

If you’ve got a best friend who loves their walks (and which dog doesn’t?) a dedication of a tree or area of woodland in a Woodland Trust wood near you is sure to keep their tail wagging.

You might already walk your dog in a Woodland Trust wood but if not there’s sure to be one you can visit. Dedicate a single tree or an area of woodland from a quarter of an acre or more in your dog’s name and you and your pet will be giving something back to the woods you spend so much time in. You’ll be showing that you care.

To say thanks, the Woodland Trust will send a special personalised pet dedication pack which includes a certificate with your dog’s name, wood information and a map. You have the choice of it being sent to you in the post or instantly by email.

As the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust owns and cares for hundreds of woods with dedications available, up and down the UK.

All their woods are free to visit and are open all year round so they’re perfect for walks – just the two of you or when you’re out and about with the family.

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The birds and woodland creatures you might see on your regular walks all need trees to survive and the Woodland Trust fights to protect, restore and create woods for the benefit of wildlife, people and dogs!

All dedications directly help the Woodland Trust’s work standing up for UK trees and woodland and the wildlife that relies on them.

It’s the perfect gift for a dog who has everything!

Dedicate now at or call 0330 333 3330.