Charity release first ever radio advert to highlight ‘A Life, Shared’ campaign


15 September 2020
Mayhew’s first ever radio advert seeks to celebrate and illustrate the importance of the bond we share with our pets in these trying times; and provides a window into the new reality faced by many owners.

Mayhew understand that in times of uncertainty and fear, sharing our time and space with animals makes a huge difference to our mental and physical health. Hundreds of thousands of people have relied on their four-legged friends for joy, companionship, love, and encouragement during lockdown, and these feelings have been reciprocated. Mayhew also feel that animal welfare issues are at the risk of being ignored and sidelined right now, when in fact pets provide a necessary and increasingly crucial role in vulnerable people’s lives.

In short, they know that being together and staying together has never been more important. That’s why Mayhew are committed to supporting even more people and animals, and protecting their bond - but they can’t do it without your help.

A Life, Shared - through the good times and the bad

Back in January, Mayhew released a selection of poems and animated videos in partnership with McCann Demand, written from the perspective of a pet and an owner, voiced by Louis Theroux and Emily Raymond. These poems revealed the supportive and interdependent nature of the relationship we all share with our four-legged friends, and spoke of how crucial it was to maintain and appreciate this unique bond between humans and animals.

At the time, they could never have predicted where we’d be by now, or how much more important these words would become.

Today, Mayhew are building on this theme of ‘A Life, Shared’ through a dedicated radio advertising campaign, recorded in partnership with McCann Demand, voiced by Hollywood actor Jason Flemyng and psychotherapist and author Phillipa Perry.

As the pandemic continues, and we move into the winter months, Mayhew are even more keen to protect the bond between people and their pets, and help keep families big and small together.

Jason said “I honestly don’t know what I would do without my dog. I love her as much as I have ever loved anything, and when it feels like the world has got the hump on with me, she always makes me smile. I can’t tell you how much it means to know she’s there for me, no matter what happens or how I feel.

“That’s why, when Mayhew got in touch about this campaign, I was more than happy to be involved. They really understand how important the bond between a person and their pet is, especially in times like these.”

Phillipa Perry added “My cat, Kevin, is one of my best friends. I’m totally devoted to him, and I like to think he loves me just as much. We have an intense co-dependent relationship, to the point where my mood and mental health is directly affected by what Kevin is up to.

“I can’t imagine living without him - Kevin has gone missing a few times in the past and that was bad enough, it would break my heart to have to give him up permanently. Mayhew do a brilliant job of keeping pets and people together, and it’s something both me and Kevin feel strongly about.”

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Helping people, helping animals

Throughout lockdown, those of us lucky enough to share our lives with an animal know how precious their company is. However, with the worry of economic disaster and the winter flu season, on top of a rising coronavirus infection rate, hanging over our heads, many people are still at risk of losing everything - including their beloved pets.

It’s more essential than ever that Mayhew’s community projects are here for those who need them. Mayhew support vulnerable pet owners and those going through a crisis in many different ways, from providing free food and veterinary care, to temporarily fostering an animal whilst an owner gets themselves back on their feet.

They also work in tandem with a number of homeless charities and hostels, ensuring that people with nowhere to go and no-one to turn to don’t also have to give up their best friend and only source of comfort. No government funding is received for what they do, and as expected, the effects of the pandemic have hit them hard.

Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers are doing everything they can to support people all across London, but with a reduced capacity and even more demand on time and resources, they now urgently need your help to ensure they can remain a lifeline.

Where can I hear the advert?

The Mayhew radio advert can be heard on over 100 digital radio stations, including Capital FM, Classic FM, LBC and Gold, from Tuesday September 15, 2020, and will run for four weeks.

You can also find information about this campaign on their website and social media channels, where they will be sharing beautifully designed animations drawn by Dane Khy and animated by Coffee & TV; which once again illustrate the importance of protecting the life-affirming bond between pets and their owners.

Their current aim is to raise £7,500; which could either provide almost 1,000 animals with essential vaccinations or cover the cost of running our animal ambulance for the rest of the year. If you wish to make a donation, you can text MAYHEW to 70085 to donate £5.

With your support, a life shared can be a life saved.