Charity creates homemade poo bag dispensers to help clean up community


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01 May 2020
As responsible dog owners, we all know that we need to pick up our dog’s poo and correctly dispose of it. Sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone, and with our daily dog walks currently being the highlight of our days, coming across a pile of dog poo on the path is not what we want. One charitable dog-lover has been putting her extra time at home to good use, to try to help tackle this messy problem…

Emma Lovell who runs ‘Paws to tours’ dog services in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, and runs the charity Companions on the Street, has been putting her time and effort into creating homemade poo bag dispensers, and placing them in various locations in the area.

Emma explained: “My daughter Bo and I have been making the dispensers. We have been supported by Durrington Town Council and local pet shop Amesbury Pets, which between them have donated 11,140 poo bags to help towards our scheme!”

The homemade poo bag dispensers are created from recycled plastic bottles, and are creatively decorated with an eye-catching poster, with pictures of rainbows, interesting dog facts, and quirky poems, such as:

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
If your dog takes a poo
You know what to do!

The areas covered so far are Larkhill, Bulford, Durrington, and Amesbury, and the charity has been asked to outreach to Devizes, Andover, and Salisbury.

Emma and her daughter continue to create and hang as many dispensers as they can. If you live in the Wiltshire area and would like a poo bag dispenser in your community, please get in touch via the Companions on the Street Facebook page.

Also, if you’re in the area and would be like to help Emma and Bo create the dispensers, they are now looking for poster creators (all ages welcome). The charity’s Facebook page will be announcing a competition for the best poster.

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