Celebrities share heartfelt poems with a furry unexpected twist this Valentine’s Day


13 February 2021
Bill Bailey, Jorgie Porter, Anton Du Beke, Russell Watson, and Emma Barton have teamed up with Blue Cross to make a public display of affection for our four-legged friends, and thank them for their life-changing support this past year.

Every year on February 14, people across the world express their love for a special ‘valentine’ – often with a card, a gift, or a display of affection. The day is typically dedicated to a partner, spouse or even a secret crush, but what about our furry friends who shower us with love all year round?

To say thank you to our pets for their unconditional adoration, and for supporting us through an incredibly tough year, this Valentine’s Day the leading pet charity, Blue Cross, is launching a new campaign called Yours Furever, which invites pet owners across the country to channel their inner Shakespeare and write a love letter or poem for their favourite furry pals.  

To officially mark the launch of the campaign, the charity has teamed up with five animal-loving celebrities – Eastenders actress Emma Barton, actress and model Jorgie Porter, comedian Bill Bailey, Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke, and classical singer Russell Watson - to create a special Valentine’s Day video compilation.

Within the video, these well-known faces are seen reading a heartfelt poem, which is dedicated to their special valentine. At first, viewers are led to believe that this poem is meant for their partner, spouse or significant other - but towards the end of the video the penny drops, and it suddenly becomes clear that they are in fact talking about their beloved pet.

The video ends with a call to action, asking pet owners to share a personalised love letter or poem for their pet on social media this Valentine’s Day weekend in support of the campaign.

Taking part in the Yours Furever campaign is simple, all pet owners need to do is write a poem or letter explaining why their pet is so special to them, and then share this on Twitter or Instagram – tagging @the_blue_cross and using the hashtag #YoursFurever. The love letter will be featured on the Blue Cross website for other pet owners across the country to see.

Alyson Jones, Head of Rehoming at Blue Cross, says:

“We are launching the Yours Furever campaign to raise awareness of the life-changing impact that pets can have on our lives. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re reminded now, more so than ever before, just how much our pets have positively impacted our lives and supported us through an incredibly tough year.

We are delighted to have so many incredible animal-loving individuals supporting us with the campaign, and we hope that pet owners enjoy this ‘tongue-and-cheek’ video which we have created together.

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Through the campaign, I hope that people across the UK are reminded of just how rewarding pet companionship can be. Love is a four-legged word after all!”

Bill Bailey says: “Our pets are always there for us, offering us unconditional love and affection, in a way that sometimes we don’t even get from humans, so they definitely deserve a special shout out this Valentine’s Day.”

Emma Barton says: “I’m thrilled to be a part of this campaign, you all know how much I adore our furry friends! Our pets give us unconditional love, and that waggy tail is sometimes all you need to make you smile, feel safe and reassured! My Poppy Dog has been my rock - we’ve walked side by side together through this difficult and strange few months. So, thank you my fur baby. Mummy loves you.”

Jorgie Porter says: “I love having Lady involved in absolutely anything I can, so when Blue Cross asked me to help people think about adopting and rehoming dogs and animals from a shelter, I jumped at the chance. It’s been such a blessing to have lady around and it melts my heart that you can tell by her excitement every day that she’s grateful she’s a part of our family.”

Russell Watson says: “Anyone that knows me well, knows how important my pets are to me. That’s why I was so thrilled when Blue Cross asked me to be a part of their latest campaign, Yours Furever. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to thank our pets for being there for us, not just over this past year, but all the time. My family life wouldn’t be the same without Blaze, Muffin and Poppy, and I’m sure other pet owners feel exactly the same!”

Anton Du Beke says: “My two dachshund’s really are the perfect example of why dogs are a man’s best friend. They greet me every day with their tails wagging, they bring my mood up when I’m feeling down, and my daily walks with them keep me feeling energised and active. Thank you Antonious and Branston, life wouldn’t be the same without you!”

To learn more about the Blue Cross and it’s Yours Furever campaign, visit bluecross.org.uk/yours-furever