Better Bones Dog Treats!


28 February 2024
Pawsome dog treats your furry best friend will love!

*Treats only available at the Your Dog Stand at Crufts 2024 (Thursday 7th March - Sunday 10th March). Free treats are limited to one per person. 

We all know it can be hard to find a treat that is not only healthy but something that your dog will enjoy eating. Well, look no further than Better Bones!

These delightfully tasty, dog treats are not only raw-hide free but are easily digestible. Combining irresistible flavours with chewy goodness, these soft treats help satisfy your pooches natural chewing instinct which can be less damaging to their teeth than harder dog treats.

These flavoursome treats are available in four different varieties, ensuring there is a treat type for every canine companion.

Small Bones

For our small canine companions, these small bones are a soft, safe dog treat that they can enjoy at any time of the day.

Chicken Wrapped Small Bones

Is your dog not content with just a small bone? Well, take a look at these! Delight your pooch with a small bone wrapped in chicken!

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Chicken Wrapped Twists

The ideal treat for medium-sized dogs who love to chew! These long, thin twists are wrapped in soft chicken breast for a truly scrumptious snack.

Chicken Wrapped Large Rolls

Real succulent chicken wrapped around a large raw-hide free roll, providing a satisfying safe treat for larger dogs to enjoy.

Once your pet has chosen their treat type, they then need to decide which flavour they want to devour! Choose from classic Roast Chicken, Rosemary & Thyme, the trendy Lamb & Mint or go wild and pick Duck & Cranberry.


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