Best Ways to Pamper Your Dog


12 April 2021
The companionship that exists between humans and animals is one of the most celebrated of bonds, and pampering your pet every now and then is a great way to maintain a healthy and loving balance. 

1. Spa Day 

Why not indulge your pet with a visit to a spa to pamper him and revive his spirits. A full body grooming, including massages, a pawdicure, and a hair cut are among many other options. 

Various facial options, teeth brushing, and other rejuvenating exercises may be offered as well. This could be the perfect relaxation regime for your pup, while a sound, hygienic grooming is good for your pet’s health. 

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2. Dog Portraits 

Capture your pup’s personality in a picture; portraits of pets are gaining in popularity and having one on your wall is an ideal way to celebrate your unique relationship with your dog. Dog portraits are easy to procure. Upload an endearing image of your pet; select an appropriate canvas and frame for the print, and then sit back and relax. You will be presented with a digital version of the portrait for your final approval, and the next thing you will see is the magnificent canvas hanging on the walls of your living area. This can be a very thoughtful way to cherish your pet. 

3. DIY Toys   

You may have gifted your dog a lot of toys and stuff to play around with, only to find he decimates them all. The best alternative for your naughty pup could be handmade DIY toys, which can easily be made using things already available in your house. The internet is full of ideas on toys you can make, such as a cloth rope toy for a game of tug-of-war. Alternatively, you can revamp your dog’s bed, going for something cosier and softer. 

4. A day out

One of the easiest ways to pamper your pup is to plan a day out. Take your pet to the nearest park or somewhere for a swim; not all dogs love to swim, but many do! Let him meet other dogs  and have fun. Pack your toys and play with him. Your pup will enjoy every second of it. 

5. Massage 

Don’t you think your pup has been longing for something more than just a belly rub? 

Give him a nice massage with soothing, continuous strokes. Go slow and long around the shoulders in a circular motion. Your dog will wriggle with enthusiasm and relief. Moreover, he will guide you specifically to the areas that need attention. 

6. Pup space 

 Have you ever thought of giving your dog his own cute corner in the house? Well, it’s never too late! Start with a cosy dog bed, and add all kinds of items he likes, such as the DIY toys already mentioned.

Most importantly, it will bring both of you great joy to spend time together. These few tips can help, and you can hang out and enjoy yourselves — have fun!