Battersea launches online baking series


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08 April 2020
Make some tasty treats for your dogs with Battersea's new pet-friendly baking series!

Social media is full of pictures of freshly baked banana bread, chocolate cake and Victoria sponges as people across the UK take up baking in quarantine.

Battersea have also jumped on the baking bandwagon - but staff at the charity have been focusing on treats that our canine and feline friends can enjoy, using ingredients such as carrots, tuna and potato.

Tomorrow (April 9, 2020), Battersea will launch their very own baking series streaming across their social channels, teaching dog and cat owners at home how to bake special snacks for their pets.

The first episode will air at 2:30pm and will explain how dog owners can bake their pets a tasty cake. A new episode will be released each Thursday.

Rehoming and Welfare Manager, Rebecca MacIver, said:

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“While we’ve been in lockdown, many people are taking up new hobbies. If you’re a pet owner and are getting into baking, it would be a shame not to let your dog or cat enjoy the fruits of your labour too!

“If you are going to bake for your dog or cat, its important to remember that you shouldn’t make this a regular treat. Just like us, dogs and cats can get a bit too round if they overindulge and should only have a treat as part of a balanced diet.”

If you want to bake with Battersea, head to the charity’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Battersea are still caring for dozens of animals across their three sites. To give a donation toward their care, please visit