Ashleigh and Pudsey heelwork to music tips


02 July 2012

 PudseyNot long after winning the 'BGT' crown, Your Dog was invited to spend an afternoon with Ashleigh and Pudsey at their Northamptonshire home to watch them in action.
During the interview and photoshoot, Ashleigh explained why she loved heelwork to music.

"It's such a brilliant sport to get into," she said.

"It's built a really stable relationship between me and Pudsey. When we go to shows and do routines and it goes well, I know that we've put the time in to achieve that routine. I'm so proud of us both.

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"Our semi-final routine for ‘BGT' took a lot of hard work. The show chose the music for us and we had to work around it. We only had a month to learn that routine.
"I came up with the music for our final routine; we had the idea to do a 'Mission Impossible' routine which I made up myself."

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Ashleigh and Pudsey