Are you a PUPSTER?


15 July 2021
If your new dog has its own Instagram account, will be joining you on your daily commute or is trying out a flexitarian diet, you could be part of the new generation of ‘Pupsters’ – the ultra-conscientious pet parents whose furry friends are as much a part of the family as any human relative – according to new research from purposeful pet food brand Edgard & Cooper.

Considered the most conscientious generation of pet parents to date, Pupsters welcomed in their four-legged friends during the pandemic and are all about making the best choices for their pet and the planet, integrating them into every part of their lives – from the office to the bedroom… and beyond!

But any dedicated pet parent can be a bit Pupster in reality. Take our quiz to find out just how Pupster you really are!

To help us all on our journey to ‘be more Pupster’ Edgard & Cooper has created some top tips for everything from bringing your dog to work and taking them on your hols, to transitioning them to more alone time as we start socialising more post lockdowns – which can all be read here.

Find out more about Edgard & Cooper’s range and order a discounted trial of their delicious, planet friendly doggy dinners for your Pupster pooch at


Take the Quiz

Choose the answer that sums you up best and keep track!


1) You get a new job that doesn’t allow your pooch to come into the office, you:

a) Take the job and don’t think anything of it, you only asked to see how much it would change your dog walker bill.

b) Take the job but secretly resent this policy, maybe if you really impress them for six months they might let you bring him on a Friday if you say he’s a therapy dog?

c) Thank them for the offer but try and negotiate with them, they need to consider a change in policy because emotional guide dogs… well they’re a thing now?!

d) You hung up when they said ‘dogs aren’t’ - back to the job search. If you have to go back into an office, you’re not gonna be alone in it.

2) Your friend invites you to stay at her parents’ place in Ibiza for the week, what do you say?

a) You were already on SkyScanner by the time she’d finished talking, and that’s handy EasyJet now advertise holiday dog hotels!

b) You tell her you’re pretty sure you can make it, but you’re probably going to have to start a vetting process (no pun intended) to see which one of your mates is best suited to take care of Fido. Definitely not Spooky Dave or Stacey, who’s locked herself out seven times in the last three months.

c) You tell her you’ll let her know this afternoon, right after you’ve had time to google ‘How much to fly a dog to Ibiza’. 

d) You apologise and say you can’t make it, it’s pooch-friendly breaks for you for the foreseeable, what if your beloved pup didn’t remember who you are when you got back? Plus, what about the separation anxiety?! (Yours, not the dogs)


3) You’re at a party where someone is mocking a mutual friend for having an Instagram account for their pet, you:

a) Laugh along, they’re right, it’s completely stupid and nobody else cares.

b) Smile nervously whilst putting your phone away, having checked if ‘@Noodle_The_Poodle’ was available as an Instagram handle earlier that day.

c) Tell them you’ve got one for your puppy and actually you’ve had enquiries about him advertising Doggles (goggles for dogs, obvs), for £35, so who’s laughing now?

d) Get your phone out and proudly show them ‘@Labradorable’ your 335,000-followers-strong account for your superstar pet and explain that endorsements through this account paid for your new natural wicker dining chairs, actually. 


4) You have to go out for the whole day for a wedding (remember them?) and every dogwalker in the surrounding ten postcodes is booked up, you:

a) Make sure your ball of fluff has enough food and water, give them a pat on the head and tell them you’ll be back later, possibly worse for wear.

b) Give them some food and a couple of treats before you go to make up for it, then leave the radio on Classic FM, you can’t imagine your Great Dane would lower herself to Radio One, at least this way she can feel distinguished and respected.

c) Bribe your neighbour with a bottle of something fizzy and ask them to check on your beloved three times throughout the day. Leave the fan on for them so they’re not too hot, and give them more food than usual in case they need to stress eat.

d) Book a dedicated full day dog-sitter, set your Dog-Cams up so you can check in whenever you need to throughout the day (once every 30 minutes), pop on a doggy-pod to keep them entertained, and tell the happy couple that if your best friend at home looks like they’re not perfectly happy at any point, you’ll be leaving in the first cab.


5) Your dog’s birthday is coming up and you want to get them something new to play with, you:

a) Laugh at the thought, dogs don’t know they have birthdays! You’ll spend that tenner on a couple of pints instead.

b) Nip into a pet store and pick up a squeaky toy, that’ll keep them occupied for a day.

c) Shop around for environmentally friendly toys that are plastic-free, the world doesn’t need another non-biodegradable item. Can dogs play with a wooden duck?

d) Look into green, recyclable toys made from sustainable materials. Educational toys are important too, you look into whether or not you can teach dogs basic general knowledge through constructive play. You’re sure your pooch is above average on the intelligence scale… Some friends have stopped asking you about your dog.


6) Undoubtedly the only downside of dog ownership is, there’s no easy way to say this, the poop-scooping. When your canine chum goes for it in the middle of a park you:

a) Wait, then make a big show of pretending to bend down to ‘gather it up’ (unless you think nobody has seen in which case walk on by).

b) Try to always bring out plastic bags with you from the cupboard under the sink, you’ve already used them once, so that’s not too bad, right?

c) Use one of the biodegradable bags you found online to get rid as quick as possible; you can sleep guilt-free tonight knowing you’ve extended the planet’s life by three minutes.

d) Scoop it up using an eco-friendly dustpan made from recycled fishing nets and deposit in the nearest dog-waste bin, even if that means carrying it around for more than a mile. Not a bag in sight.

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7) If your friends were to describe how you feed your dog, they’d say:

a) Oh yeah I forgot she had a dog. Come to think of it there never are leftovers nowadays. Is that where they all go?

b) Just that big-brand tinned dog food you see TV adverts for. Buy it cheap and pile it high! Plus, the odd bone after Sunday roast.

c) Slightly more organic and upmarket than your average dog – dry food, meat and veggie stuff, and his treats are always on the healthy side.

d) Only the best sustainable plant-based stuff for that dog, she’s got a meal plan that incorporates fresh and varied produce too. Sometimes we feel neglected as human friends. Still, no point trying to better your own diet and then still giving the dog meat every day!


8) Your dog seems a bit under-the-weather, but your partner has an important works do that you promised you’d attend, you:

a) Throw the dog a treat and say you’ll be back later, picking up some flowers for your squeeze en route.

b) Google their symptoms, hope for the best and convince yourself that nothing that bad can happen in five hours, they’ll be fine!

c) Take their temperature, ask around to see if anyone has a vet in their WhatsApp network online now and text your partner saying you’ll be a bit late whilst you wait for the answers.

d) Text your partner a photo of you and the dog in a blanket with the word ‘Soz’ - you’ll see them in the morning ready for divorce discussions.


9) You need to buy your pup a new outfit for the colder months, what do you go for?

a) You text your mate who has a four-year-old asking if they still have anything left from when their kid was a toddler you could borrow. What? They’re the same size!

b) You google ‘coat for sausage dog’ and buy the first thing that comes up that isn’t in emergency-services-yellow.

c) You look online to see what second-hand gems you can find, no point buying something new in this economy. It’s fine if it has the name of another dog stitched into it, right?

d) You book the day off to compare sustainable dog-wear brands and order your favourite ten outfits, ready to whittle them down to your favourite three. Never mind Vogue, it’s all about Dogue in this house.


10) How did you feel about the environmental impact of getting a dog before you got them?

a) What environmental impact? Dogs don’t drive cars, do they?

b) I considered it briefly, but figured I do my bit in other areas of my life, and I deserve love!

c) I looked into it before we got Jeremy The Schnauzer, and try to minimise his impact on the environment by what we feed him and clothe him in.

d) I did a full cost/benefit analysis before even deciding what breed I was going to buy, and I’ve now forfeited having children as a result.


The Results

Mostly As: 0% Pupster - Are you sure you have a dog?

You’re part of the old school dog-owning brigade, the dog lives in your house and that’s about it. You keep it alive, job done!


Mostly Bs: 30% Pupster - You’re trying

You know you should probably be a bit more environmentally conscious; you do love your dog but you haven’t got time to research everything you should. Maybe you should feed it something better though…


Mostly Cs: 70% Pupster - If everyone did their bit like you, the world would be a better place

You’re a good egg, you try and do your bit as much as possible and your pooch is living a good life, whilst not hoovering up meat and plastic, but you still value your relationship more and know when the dog needs to be left alone.


Mostly Ds: 100% Pupster - Try to remember you have human friends too

Your dog is your life – so much more reliable than partners. This is new-age pet ownership and you’re conscious about everything they wear, touch and do. You’re pretty sure you’re gonna enter them into Crufts next year if their social media career doesn’t take off first. Just remember to look after the people in your life too, OK?


So now you know just how Pupster you are, how can you ‘be more Pupster’? After all, there’s always more we can do to care for the planet and our pups!

To help us all on our journey to ‘be more Pupster’ Edgard & Cooper has created some top tips for everything from bringing your dog to work and taking them on your hols, to transitioning them to more alone time as we start socialising more post lockdowns – which can all be read here.

Find out more about Edgard & Cooper’s range and order a discounted trial of their delicious, planet friendly doggy dinners for your Pupster pooch at