Abandoned puppy becomes police recruit


08 April 2021
Badger the abandoned Cocker Spaniel puppy is now helping Surrey and Sussex to sniff out crime!

A Cocker Spaniel puppy, found abandoned in a Redhill garden suffering from mange, malnourishment, and chronic eye and ear infections, is now catching criminals with the Surrey and Sussex Police Dog Unit. 

Abandoned Badger when found.

Twenty-month-old Badger and his three siblings were rescued by the RSPCA and underwent weeks of treatment before being rehomed. But Badger didn’t settle with his adopters, and so was returned to the charity’s Millbrook Animal Centre in Cobham.

After hearing the black spaniel loved playing scent games and finding tennis balls, the police signed him up.

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Now Badger and his handler, PC Steph Barrett, help keep the county safe by searching for drugs, cash, and weapons. 

Badger with PC Steph Barrett.