A tail wagging franchise opportunity for dog lovers


09 November 2020
If you have ever wanted to own your own pet business but without the risk of being a start-up, a franchise model may just suit better.

Franchise-based businesses present so many opportunities for those looking to become their own boss, and because the business is already established and has worked previously, there’s no reason why it can’t work for you too.

Paw Pounders is offering a fantastic franchise opportunity for those who love and want the very best for dogs and their owners.

Its Sutton Coldfield-based off-lead dog park, which spans more than 10 acres, has operated as an independent business for more than a decade and in this time, has built up a loyal customer base of dog owners who want a safe, secure and exclusive space to walk their dogs on a pay per hour basis.

Today, many dog owners are nervous about walking their four-legged friends off the lead in parks and public spaces – whether it’s because they have a nervous dog who is scared of loud noises and passing lorries, older dogs with health conditions or those whose nearby parks just aren’t big enough to satisfy the exercise needs of their dog or have open access areas to neighbouring roads.

Nick Parkinson, founder of Paw Pounders dog park, says: “During the last seven years, the world of dog walking has changed considerably.

“Nervous dogs lead to nervous owners and the combined stress between pet and owner makes for an unpleasant walking experience when it should be a wonderful time to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

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“The ethos and basis of the dog park franchise is to promote the very best of conditions for dog and owner, and because the space is theirs and theirs only for an hour at a time, it’s a lovely and cost-effective investment that brings loving dog owners back time and time again.”

With Covid-19 still compromising the livelihoods of so many people across the UK and with furlough coming to an end in this month, now may be the time that so many people could be thinking about a complete change in direction or career, and a fresh start completely.

Nick adds: “This franchise opportunity could be that fresh start. It’s an ideal business for those who have a genuine passion for dogs and want the very best for their wellbeing. It’s rewarding and lucrative and no two days are ever the same – in addition you get to meet and work with some great people along the way who share the same values.

“Importantly, however, it’s a franchise that I’ve developed and enhanced, drawing on my years of experience in the world of dogs and one that I’ve implemented effectively myself. I’m well known across the industry  and looking forward to meeting and guiding franchise partners in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

For more information about the franchise opportunity, please contact Nick Parkinson on 0121 308 6404 or via email: [email protected], and visit the website: www.pawpounders.com