A review of I Love Paws - Custom Pet Art


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15 September 2020
When you want to purchase a custom print of your dog, quality matters. The print needs to look like your dog or it’s just a cute picture to hang on your wall. There’s more to a portrait than just a drawing on canvas or paper, it needs to capture the markings, the facial expressions, and the emotion behind your pet.

Unfortunately, many platforms stick to basic stock photos or renderings of dog breeds that just don’t match our pets. Sure, the dogs are similar, but without those few grey hairs around the eyes, or the spot on the end of his nose, is it your fur baby?

After all, your pet is unique—if you’re going to purchase a piece of art, shouldn’t your custom print reflect that?

I Love Paws specialises in providing custom print art of your dog. Here’s a total breakdown of the company, and what you can expect when you order:

User interface and experience

Right from the home page, you’re going to love how simple and easy to use the platform is for first-time users. Everything is designed for fast, efficient service with the option to browse all products by category.

Whether you’re looking for a custom wall hanging or something for the home, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the ability to search by style or by type. We love the point and click functionality and how easy everything is to find.

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Product options and varieties

Not only are the drawings completely custom, but almost every item within the website has different options too. With multiple sizes and formats, there’s something for everyone without breaking the bank.

Quality of products

I Love Paws is a company that stands behind its work, from the initial mock-up to the final product. It offers a complete satisfaction guarantee, working with each customer to create a beautiful rendering of their beloved pet, with unlimited edits and revisions of the portrait — which is important if you’re going to hang it in your home.

We also love the fact that every purchase is completed with an artwork preview, so you’ll never be left wondering what’s going to show up on the final product when it arrives. You’ll also be able to coordinate your purchase with the colour scheme in your home, thanks to the interactive colour options.

Turnaround times

With custom creations, timelines can always be a determining factor. Some custom artists take weeks or months to submit a final design. With I Love Paws, you’ll receive your custom in-house design within three to four business days for approval.

Because the company works on an unlimited revisions policy, you’ll be able to work with your artist to perfect the portrait before the final printing. This way, there are no surprises or questionable quality.

Pricing for custom creations

When most people hear the word custom, they think expensive. Add in unlimited revisions and detailed artwork, and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars for a private artist. I Love Paws has products starting at less than $50 USD for a personalised rendering of your pet.

These are products designed to last for years, making the initial investment completely worth it overall. Simply select the product online that you’re interested in purchasing and select any options you’d like to add on. Upload a photo of your pet in a well-lit location and wait for your initial concept. That’s it!

Why we love I Love Paws?

Not only are the prices on the platform reasonable for custom art and household products, but we also love that all pets are welcome. Many artists are limited in their skill set to dogs and cats. For those pets who don’t fit their training, finding an artist is another difficult task. I Love Paws accepts pets of all types, from rabbits to reptiles, bunnies to birds.

Its client satisfaction policy and positive reviews on the website highlight how thoughtful and careful the design process is for each purchase. With unlimited revisions, you know you’re going to get a product you love (which is so important for a personalised pet portrait).

We love the expressions and emotions that come through in the final product. We also appreciate that no two portraits are alike, as they base the final product on the photograph submitted (instead of using stock photos or positions).