Gifts for dog lovers


27 November 2018
Gifts for dog lovers Gifts for dog lovers
Gifts for dog lovers - give a unique and thoughtful gift to the dog lover in your life this Christmas!

Trying to find the perfect gift for dog lovers can be a bit of a nightmare, with so many products out there it becomes hard to pinpoint that perfect gift.  A quick search on Google and you’re bombarded with dog-themed handbags, jewellery and gifts solely for dogs – it’s all a bit of a minefield, and you come away feeling a little frazzled, confused and even worse empty-handed. So, what to do?

Now, there’s no denying that after hours of browsing you may come across a great gift for the dog lover in your life for their Birthday or Christmas. But let’s be honest, more often than not these gifts are often forgotten about, and sadly left to gather dust. However, we may have an alternative!

With a subscription to Your Dog Magazine, you’ll be gifting a gift that keeps on giving all year round, each month they’ll be reminded of your generosity as their copy is popped through the letterbox! Not only that, but you are also giving a dog lover an excellent excuse for some well-earned ‘me’ time, a chance to pop their feet up, curl up with Your Dog and escape reality. In such a hectic, busy world, a magazine offers a little escapism, a great chance to spend a little time doing something they truly enjoy. And there is no need to feel guilty! Your Dog Magazine is jam-packed with heart-warming stories about dogs, the latest news, top training tips and advice and so much more. They’ll be continually bettering and increasing their canine knowledge – making them a better owner and in turn, benefiting their dog too. Without knowing it, you’ve not only found the perfect gift for dog lovers but also their dogs too, and what could be better than that?

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Gifts for dog lovers