5 top vets successfully treat large tumour on dogs spine


07 April 2021
Girl power swung into action at a leading small animal hospital, when five top female vets combined their skills and experience to successfully treat a dog with a large tumour on his spine.

The ‘dream team’ of Ane Uriarte, Sarah Mason, Naomi Shimizu, Manuela Pascal, and Slavomira Necova, joined forces in an intricate four-hour operation at Essex-based Linnaeus referral centre, Southfields Veterinary Specialists, to amputate Harvey’s front left leg, remove one of his ribs, and extract the 7cm X 8cm growth.

Their multi-disciplinary approach using industry-leading radiation and oncology, neurology, soft tissue surgery, and anaesthesia, saved the spaniel, who is now recovering after a month-long course of radiotherapy. 

Neurology specialist Ane explained: “Harvey had a very aggressive peripheral nerve sheath tumour invading his chest and growing into the spinal cord. It was very painful and without treatment he’d have become totally paralysed. 

“It was a fantastic team effort from start to finish, with six different disciplines involved, and we’re all delighted Harvey came through it so successfully.”