2018 set to be the biggest year for pet travel!


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04 April 2018
Marcel Le Corgi offers his ‘ruff’ guide. The five year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has more than 70k followers on Instagram, making him the most popular corgi in the UK.

To say Marcel loves to travel is an understatement, as he has visited more countries than most Brits have, with 11 countries on his belt.

Marcel is not the only doggy exploring the world, traveling with your pooch has become more popular than ever. New research by Eurotunnel revealed that over two thirds (67%) of UK dog owners plan to go away with their dogs this year with nearly one million pet owners planning to get a pet passport for their dog.

Taking your pup on holiday can also have numerous health benefits with the vast majority (82%) of UK pet owners saying they feel more relaxed when spending time with their dog. In fact, the research also reveals just how much we miss our animal companions when they are not around. Almost one in five (18%) FaceTime their dogs when they are on holiday without them, with a further 13% admitting that they have a dog cam set up at home so they can interact with their dog when they are away.

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Along with being extremely adorable Marcel Le Corgi is also bilingual, barking in both French and English and loves to spend his time split between the UK and France.

To mark the start of National Pet Month (April) we follow Marcel on a road trip through France, stopping off at his favourite hotspots along the way.