10 ways becoming a dog owner changes you


20 January 2017

2.Your pockets will never be empty again! Poo bags will plague every pocket of every single jacket that you own, with a few training treats thrown in there for good measure.

3. Your life revolves around your dog's meal schedule or toileting routine, and the most frequently asked question in your home will be: "When was the last time the dog went out for a wee?"

4. Strangers tend to know your dog's name before they get to know yours, if ever at all!

5. You look at rooms with a whole new set of eyes. You analyse every room that your dog enters, trying to work out how far things are out of reach, and rearranging anything even mildly edible to the highest shelf. It's like having a really hairy, big, hungry toddler in the house.

6. Dog hair EVERYWHERE! Say no more.

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7. You'll never be lonely again! Eating? You'll have a pair of brown eyes staring at you. Sleeping? You'll have to put up with canine snoring in your ear. Going to the toilet? You can forget having privacy ever again!

8. While at first you have the intention of keeping your dog strictly in the towel-covered boot on car journeys, you'll gradually become less car-proud as the dog slowly navigates himself (and his muddy paws) to the front seat.

9. Before life with a dog, you were awoken by the sound of your alarm at a specific time. Life with a dog involves waking up to paws on your chest, smelly dog breath, slobber, and the sound of panting at whatever time your dog sees fit.

10. Bad days will never be quite as bad again - dogs can make you smile and cheer up even after the most miserable of days!