Five traits that make dogs irresistable


14 February 2017

1. Puppy dog eyes

It's the one thing that we just can't resist, one look with those eyes and they've already convinced us that they should be allowed another treat!

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2. Cuddly coats

Who needs a partner on Valentine's Day when you've got your canine companion, who we can all argue gives the best hugs possible!

3. They are always there for you

When you come home from a long day at work you've always got your doggy to greet you, and they're always extremely happy to see you and will bound about with their tails wagging! You can't get much cuter than that!

4. Kisses

Even if sometimes we don't ask for them, we always get kisses from our canines, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

5. Unconditonal love

If you don't have a lover this Valentine's, you've always got your furry-friend by your side, who will love you no matter what! Aww...