10 tips to recognise a healthy pup


16 September 2016

It can be tricky to recognise if a puppy is healthy unless you are a vet or dog expert but there are some tips that will help you to identify whether or not the puppy you are hoping to buy is in good health.

  1. Clean and glossy coat.
  2. Clear and bright eyes, free from cloudiness or discharge.
  3. Clean and slightly moist, but not runny, nose.
  4. Clean ears, free from discharge, inflammation or odour.
  5. Pups should appear alert and active (unless sleeping).
  6. The pup's skin should not be excessively flaky or have redness, sores, scabs or patches of baldness. The puppy's bottom should be clean and without faecal matter.
  7. Puppy should be able to breathe properly and should not appear to be gasping for air or struggling to breathe in any way.
  8. The pup should not be overweight or underweight, with a normal amount of ‘puppy fat'.
  9. Puppies may be sleepy at times but should not appear lethargic and should take an interest in food and interacting with litter mates.
  10. There should be so bad smells coming from the puppy, including from its mouth, ears and elsewhere. Puppies generally smell pleasant and their bedding and environment should also be clean and free from strong smells.
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