10 things you never knew about the Pug


21 October 2015

1. The Pug is thought to have originated in China, where snub-nosed dogs have always been in favour.

2. The breed has been a favourite of royalty, arriving in England when William III came to the throne. Queen Victoria was also a lover of Pugs and owned lots of them.

3. A group of Pugs are often referred to as a 'grumble'.

4. Pugs are no couch potatoes - they can be energetic and will go on long walks. However, if you plan to go jogging with your dog, they are not the canine partner for you.

5. Pugs can be loud snorers!

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6. The Pug is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

7. Winston Churchill once wrote a short ditty called 'Poor Puggy Wug' to cheer up his daughters when their pet Pug was ill.

8. A Pug's facial wrinkles need regular care to keep them clean and free from inflammation.

9. High-profiled celebrities including actor Gerard Butler and television presenter Jonathan Ross have appeared in public with their Pugs.

10. The breed standard includes the Latin phrase 'multum in parvo' meaning 'much in little'.