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We're thrilled to introduce some fresh new features in this edition. For those with dog-doting children, we’ve launched a new pull-out section for junior readers. It's a place where young readers can explore fun activities, responsible pet ownership, games, training tips and lots more. And whilst our magazine has always celebrated the remarkable bond between humans and service dogs, we have introduced dedicated Service Dogs pages, where you'll find news and tales of these four-legged heroes and their incredible impact on people's lives.

On Sale: 02/11/2023

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What's in this Issue?

All the Classics
Inside, you'll find our tried-and-trusted favourites, including expert care and training advice, breed spotlights, heartwarming real-life stories, and health tips to ensure all our dogs live their best lives. Share your pictures, letters and snippets in our community pages and stay updated on upcoming events. It's a hub where we celebrate our love for all things canine!

Tis' the Season
As the holiday season approaches, we have sprinkled a little Christmas cheer throughout, including a great feature on the world of Panto dogs. Plus, get a head start on your holiday shopping with our Christmas Gift Guide (for you and your dog).

The 2023 Your Dog Hero of the Year
Lastly, congratulations to Reqs, a 12-year-old Labrador who recently retired from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Reqs is the longest-serving fire investigations dog whose work has resulted in over 250 years’ imprisonment for convicted offenders. I won’t add any further spoilers to the feature (p.40), but to mark our first Your Dog Hero of the Year Award, there could be no better winner than Reqs.