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Inside the October issue you will find advice on how to prepare your dog for Bonfire Night. We speak to a reader about what it's like caring for a dog going through chemotherapy treatment, Carolyn Menteith looks in to the importance of looking after your older dogs' mental welfare, and find out all about the Dalmatian. Plus, 48 great giveaways, including your chance to win tickets to Discover Dogs!

On Sale: 07/09/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Now that autumn’s here, our thoughts automatically stray to Bonfire Night and, for those of us with fi rework-phobic dogs, what our strategy will be.

Our Norfolk Terrier, Bertie, hates fi reworks, so in true terrier fashion he spends most of the evening rushing around, barking very loudly at every flash and bang. But, this year, having read Karen Bush and Toni Shelbourne’s article on Tellington TTouch techniques (see page 62), I’m thinking he might benefit from a body wrap.

I’m already a great fan of the ear work exercises Karen and Toni recommend, and our previous Norfolk, Monty, chilled out so much that he always fell asleep — as you can see from the pictures in the article!

Elsewhere in the mag, we’ve got some great practical features on managing older dogs, particularly when it comes to brain ageing; how to provide mental stimulation for your pet with some games and exercises that you can enjoy at home, and a thought-provoking article from regular contributor Carolyn Menteith about whether, despite some very good intentions, we’re creating more fearful dogs.

There’s also a fascinating insight into the lives of two high-flying canines, Tristan and Lenny 2.0, who travel the world with their opera singer owner, and the moving story of one reader and the abandoned puppy he discovered on a petrol station forecourt, who became his devoted companion.

It all makes for great reading!

Sarah Wright, Editor

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