Northumberland National Park


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Northumberland National Park contains parts of the magnificent Hadrian’s Wall as well as huge skies and breathtaking views.

Hadrian’s Wall country, much of it within the national park, is a walker’s paradise. The scenery is stunning and as you stroll you may imagine that you can hear, just round some nearby crag, the footsteps of a Roman patrol. One tourist leaflet says: ‘Welcome to Hadrian’s Wall country, where our invaders still come from far and wide but with more peaceful intentions’. But the park offers so much more than the Wall — wild lonely moors, rolling hills, vast stretches of spectacular Whin Sill rock, fine waterfalls, cascading burns and a wealth of wild flowers.

Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail is an unbroken 84-mile signposted trail stretching from the Segedenum Roman Fort at Wallsend on Tyne in the east to Bowness-on-Solway in the west. The trail is suitable for people of all ages and passes through some of the most beautiful areas of England as well as providing access to some of the best sections of Hadrian’s Wall still remaining.

Protecting heritage

All visitors are asked to consider how they can help to preserve this amazing historic site. Every single footstep, whether human or animal, has an impact.

  • Use alternative circular walks, close to the Wall, during wet weather when most erosion occurs.
  • Do not remove stones or damage the Wall.
  • Start or finish your walk along the Wall at different places or follow a circular route.
  • Don’t climb or walk on top of the Wall.
  • Stick to paths signed from the road with coloured arrows or a carved acorn (the National Park Trail sign).
  • Always keep your dog under close control.
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