Cheddar Gorge


Discover Britain’s highest, inland limestone cliff formation rising to an impressive 450ft. Explore the stunning caves full of calcite formations and learn about our ancestors including Cheddar Man who is the oldest, most complete skeleton in Britain at over 10,000 years old.

There are seven attractions included with your Day Ticket, all of which can be enjoyed by your dog(s) too. Gough’s Cave showcases beautiful chambers adorned with stalagmites and stalactites and includes a free audio guide.

Dreamhunters at Cox’s Cave is a multimedia experience detailing life of early man continued with the Museum of Prehistory which is home to a wide range of artefacts of historical importance from over 40,000 years ago.

There’s also Beyond the View: a cinematic journey through the gorge, exploring the glorious cliffs from heights most have never seen, Jacob’s Ladder, the Lookout Tower and the Cliff-top Walk which offer panoramic views of the gorge and surrounding hillside.

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Cheddar Gorge & Caves, Cheddar, Somerset, UK, BS27 3QF