Why has my dog's microchip made him swell?


If your dog has recently been microchipped and developed a bit of swelling around the implant area, Vet Roberta Baxter explains what to do...

(Q) I got my 10-week-old Springer Spaniel Jasper microchipped and he's developed swelling in the area. It's not painful to the touch and he's his playful self and eating as normal. The swelling is around the size of a large grape or apricot stone and directly between his shoulder blades. Should I be concerned?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: It is not normal to get a swelling at the site of a microchip implantation, but it does occasionally happen. It may be associated with inflammation alone, meaning it will go down over a one to two week period with no adverse effects and without treatment.

Alternatively the swelling could indicate infection in which case antibiotics may be needed. As long as your dog is OK in himself you can wait for a couple of days and see whether the swelling goes down by itself. If he is at all unwell, or if his swelling is not resolving, then you should seek veterinary attention promptly.

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