Why are dogs noses wet?


Why are dogs noses wet? Is the old wives' tale true, that a healthy dog has a wet nose but a dry nose means he's poorly?

Dogs’ noses are wet for many different reasons, but firstly, and importantly, so that they can help dogs to regulate their body temperature and cool down.

A wet nose also helps a dog to smell better and follow a scent, as the scent is absorbed into a layer of mucus on the wet nose. Another reason dogs’ noses are wet is because they are always licking them to keep them clean.

However, there may be some basis to the saying, as dogs with a high temperature often have a dry nose, so a dry nose can be an indication of a dog having a high temperature and being unwell.

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Also, some types of skin disease cause the nose to become dry and to crack, so this can also be an indicator of disease.