How can I make my dog's hair grow back quicker?


How to make your dog's hair grow back - our health experts offer their advice on treating a bald patch on your dog...

(Q) My dog, Bernie, has an ugly bald patch on his leg, the result of eczema. Fortunately, the scabbing and dry skin has righted itself. Is there anything I can use to help the hair grow back quicker?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: It would be wise to get Bernie checked out by your vet to ensure that no further medication is needed. 

Dry, scabby skin and hair loss can be associated with certain mite infestations and other parasites, or skin infections.

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If no disease is now present, regular applications of Vaseline may help to soften scar tissue. It is fairly inert, so does not normally pose a problem if licked off. 

Alternatively, a gentle soothing topical treatment such as aloe vera gel could be used.

(A) Vet Holly Mash says: It's a good idea to have the area checked by your vet to find the cause of the irritation so that it can be treated and resolved. 

In terms of symptomatic treatment for inflamed skin, there is calendula cream, which is soothing and healing. It is available from homeopathic pharmacies such as Helios.