Contagious Canine Cough – What’s the risk to your dog?


Are you one of the estimated 3.2 million* UK households that have welcomed a new pet into their family home during lockdown?

If so, you may be unaware of the risks to your dog of Contagious Canine Cough (CCC), also known as Kennel Cough, when it socialises. In fact, currently only an estimated 1 in 32 vaccinated dogs in the UK are protected against CCC, so Keeping Britain’s Pets Healthy is making it possible for you to risk assess wherever your dog goes – at home, on your ‘staycation’, or even into the office! The new risk assessment tool on the Keeping Britain’s Pets Healthy (KBPH) website, means you know the risks and can be sure your dog has the protection it needs. Make sure you spread the word, not the disease.

10 activities that put your dog at risk:

1. Visiting a friend’s home

2. Playing with the neighbours

3. Going to the vet

4. Playing in the park

5. Going out in a group

6. Meeting dogs in the street

7. Sharing water bowls

8. Going to a training class

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9. Staying at boarding kennels

10. Going into the office

Symptoms of CCC can last between 1 to 3 weeks but they can shed the disease, passing it onto others, for up to 3 months. Dogs develop a hacking cough which can be distressing for the dog and its owner. Symptoms also include a reduced appetite, low energy and a high temperature. Puppies, older and poorly dogs can go onto develop serious symptoms.

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Don’t put your dog at risk. Ask your vet to protect your pet.



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