Can I get rid of my dog’s bad breath?


Bad breath is a common problem in dogs - here Vet Holly Mash offers some tips on how to get rid of your dog's bad breath...

Q) My lovely 10-year-old Labrador X collie has developed smelly breath, but is otherwise healthy and happy. Could you recommend a herbal mix to combat it?

Holly says: If your dog is suffering from halitosis, it is always a good idea to have his teeth and gums checked by the vet to make sure he doesn’t need a dental (a scale and polish under general anaesthesia). Once you’ve had the all clear from the vet, and hopefully been shown how to brush your dog’s teeth gently using a specially soft toothbrush and enzymatic doggy toothpaste, you’ll be all set to begin using some breath-freshening herbs in his food. Some of the most effective herbs to help with smelly breath, as well as aiding general digestion, are parsley, sage, and mint. You can use a small sprinkling of the dried herbs on your dog’s food every day.

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