Making my dog come when called


Training your dog to come when called is important to keep you both safe, especially while out and about in public places.

An effective recall can take months of training around the house before it is safe to try it in public. Begin by saying his name.

As you have been working on responding to his name hopefully he should now look at you when you say his name. When you've made eye contact say the command and flash him a glimpse of a favourite treat. Hopefully the combination of hearing his name and a tasty treat should bring him back to you.

To extend this a little further, try turning and running away from him, calling his name urgently as you head off. Then wait with open arms and a treat when they reach you.

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Trainer Charlie Clarricoates says "Successful recall is not about when to call the dog, but knowing when not to call him. I probably wouldn't do recall when the dog is out until he is about a year old. These dogs are not fully trained so don't set yourself up to fail by calling your pup at the wrong time, such as when he is sniffing something new or playing with another dog."


"Stop" is one command that you'll definitely need, especially if he loves to have a nibble on shoes and other apparently tasty morsels that you don't agree with. This command should develop in tandem with 'No' and 'Come'.

Begin by moving the dog around you enthusiastically, then raise the hand holding the toy or treat. This will make your dog stop as he looks up at the food. As he looks up and goes into a sit use the command 'Stop' and then give him a treat.

Charlie Clarricoates says; "After two or three times bring in the 'Wait' exercise by withholding the treat or toy for five or six seconds. Say 'Stop', wait and then give the dog the treat and say 'Good Dog'. This will become the release word and the treat or toy is the reward"