Why is my dog's stomach making gurgling noises?


Does your dog have a noisy gurling tummy? Vet John Burns explains why this could be...

(Q) My three-year-old Bichon Frise wakes up with a gurgling tummy first thing in the morning. He then goes outside to eat grass. He will not eat his breakfast when he comes back in and then he sleeps it off for another half an hour or so - still with his tummy making all sorts of noises. Once he finally wakes up, he will then pick at his breakfast. By mid-morning he is his normal, happy, and greedy self. I haven't changed his food or routine. He drinks normally and seems to sleep well throughout the night. Do you have any suggestions?

(A) Vet John Burns says: This sounds like an upset digestive system which calls for changes to his diet. You don't say what you are currently giving him but I recommend a highly digestible, hypo-allergenic-type food. A rice-based diet with a single meat source should be ideal. These foods are available from most pet stores along with advice on their use. You can also get advice from most pet food manufacturers.

Bear in mind that you may need to try more than one food to get one that suits him. As he is greedy you cannot give him as much food as he wants. In fact, as he has a sensitive digestion, it will be best to give slightly under the recommended amount for his weight. I suggest two meals per day, one third of the daily ration for breakfast and two thirds in the evening.

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