Why has my dog's coat become dull?


Groomer Diana North offers some advice on why your dog's coat may have lost its shine...

(Q) My dog's coat has become dull recently. How can I get some shine back into it?

(A) Groomer Diana North says: You do not mention the breed or type of coat your dog has, so it is rather difficult to give any specific advice. However, there are a few points to bear in mind, no matter what the coat type. Has the coat been correctly groomed? Have you got to the bottom of the coat and removed all the dead undercoat? If not, this can give a dull appearance. Is it dull because it is dirty?

Assuming all is well with your dog's diet and the coat is well groomed, I would suggest a bath with a good quality dog shampoo, ensuring the coat is well rinsed and free from any shampoo residue.

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Follow this with a coat conditioning product; some of these can be left in the coat, others need to be rinsed out, so read the label carefully.

Brush the coat as you blow dry it; you may need the help of a second pair of hands for this.