Why does my dog bark through the night?


Does your dog bark during the night, even though he's had plenty of exercise during the day? Tony Cruse may be able to help!

Tony Cruse says: You could perhaps start by increasing the stimulation. Give your dog training tasks to exercise his brain so he sleeps better. Why not incorporate some training exercises or scent work sessions during his walks? Both engage the mind.

Address the night time environment to nullify potential triggers for barking. Ensure your dog's sleeping area is cosy and perhaps block out his view. Any night time visitors will then be hidden.

A radio playing gentle background music can also dull any potential triggers. A similar option would be to crate train your dog so his sleeping environment is smaller and more snug. A good trainer can help you with this.

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You may have inadvertently encouraged the barking, especially if you get out of bed to go and see your dog when he barks and he appears pleased to see you.  If you know your dog is safe, only visit him when he is quiet.

You need to address the cause and what is motivating him to bark. Ensure your dog has no health issues, which could also be keeping him awake.