Why do dogs have whiskers?


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Why do dogs have whiskers? Whiskers are not just there to make our dogs look extra cute — whiskers help them to feel their way around the world.

While dogs do use their sight a great deal, they are unable to focus on things very close up, so whiskers help them navigate, as they can feel them vibrate against anything they brush up against.

This helps the dog to negotiate his environment — think how useful it is if you’re a terrier going into a small, dark tunnel! Whiskers will move with the airflow, so a dog can detect the air current moving around, whatever environment he is in. This is why he can detect you coming, even if he appears to be asleep.

Whiskers are very useful in helping dogs to feel safe at all times, as they can detect any changes within their space immediately, as they happen! They can also help dogs communicate with each other, and with us.

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Dogs use their bodies to communicate and have many facial expressions in which their lips purse or tighten, or they might puff their cheeks out and move their muzzles, including their whiskers. Other dogs, animals, and humans can use these expressions to help interpret how the dog might be feeling.