Walking your dog in the dark


When heading out at night, it's important to remember a few simple things that can help to keep both you and your dog safe. Take a look at these top tips...
  • Keep control of your dog and don't let him off lead unless you are in a safe, well-lit area.
  • Consider wearing high visibility clothing so you can be easily seen by motorists.
  • A reflective collar and lead or a high visibility coat/flashing collar will also increase your dog's visibility in the dark.
  • Work out a winter dog walking route which includes both pavements and street lighting.
  • If there's no pavement, walk against the flow of the traffic and keep your dog on the side furthest from the road.
  • Carry a torch as it will help you to be seen.
  • If possible, take your dog in the car to a place where you can walk away from the road; many parks and sports fields have lighting but always check that dogs are allowed.
  • Walking in groups is safer than on your own.
  • Take your mobile phone with you and let someone know where you're headed.
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