Taking part in Cani-cross


Cani-cross (canine cross country, popularly referred to as caniX)  involves running with your dog. Any dog can take part in the sport as it caters for all, it's a great way for owners to get fit and spend time with their dog.

To enter a competition, dogs need to be more than one year old and owners 10 years old to enter. Dogs of any breed can take part. Each owner/dog team starts at individually timed intervals in their age class and then follows a set cross-country course.

Starting out

As with all new exercise programmes, seek the advice of your doctor and get your dog checked by your vet before starting.

  • Don't run before you can walk - start off by doing a brisk walk for a minute then ease into a gentle jog for one minute. Gradually increase the amount of time that you and your dog are jogging so that you can do so for 20 minutes without stopping.
  • Make sure that you and your dog are enjoying a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Carry water with you on runs, particularly in warmer temperatures. Do not underestimate the heat.
  • Keep an eye on your dog after running until his breathing returns to normal.

The equipment for Cani-X

Although you don't need any special equipment to take part, it is recommended that everyone thinking of doing it on a regular basis should consider using a specially designed running belt, harness and bungy lead. This equipment not only makes it easier when running but also helps to prevent any sudden jerks and takes the shock out of sudden starts and stops.

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