Mega Moult


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A reader worries about her Labrador and his excessive moulting. Your Dog expert, Joanne Angus advises.

Q My Labrador has started moulting large clumps of hair around his back and the back of his legs. He usually moults twice a year, which is pretty normal; however, the amount of fur seems unusual. Should I be worried? Are there any grooming tips that will help with this?

Louise Hall, Oxfordshire.

A: Joanne says: Moulting is a regular occurrence for double-coated breeds and quite often continues throughout the year due to central heating. If the moulting is resulting in complete hair loss, it could signify underlying health issues and a veterinary check-up would be recommended. 

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I would use a de-shedding tool such as the Furminator to help with undercoat removal. Alternatively, take your dog for a full professional groom, which will help to get rid of all the dead coat. 

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