How can I stop my dog rolling in poo?


Does your dog tend to roll in poo when you take him out for a walk? Elizabeth Kershaw explains why...

(A) Trainer Elizabeth Kershaw says: Rolling in fox poo and other obnoxious smells is one of the dog's natural behaviours.

There are many suggestions as to why they do it, such as needing to disguise their own scent for both hunting and protection of the site where their young are living. I believe that it is usually bitches who do this; dogs tend to roll just for the fun of it. Whatever the reason (even if outdated in the domestic dog) dogs still roll and it is very difficult to stop behaviour that is instinctive.

There are things you can try, such as using a long line and training your dog's recall against distractions to such a level that he can run past the offending pile without diving in. At the end of the day you may have to grin and bear it!

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