Can clipping change my dog's coat colour?

(Q) I get my Cocker Spaniel clipped every eight to 12 weeks as his hair grows quite quickly. I've noticed he doesn't seem to be as golden as he used to be. He was a dark, rich gold before but now is lighter. Is this because he has been clipped? Is there any way to get his colour back?

(A) Groomer Diana North says: Sad to say but yes, clipping can affect the texture and colour of the new coat coming through. Reversing this effect is almost impossible, as clipping cuts through both the top coat and undercoat. If clipping has only been done on the odd occasion and the coat is of good quality, then you could ask an expert on this type of coat for an evaluation of the current condition.

Even if it was possible it would take a lot of time, care, and dedication to reverse. Hand-stripping is a time consuming process that requires constant attention and therefore can be expensive, unless you can do this yourself.

Unfortunately because of the time and expense most pet dogs are clipped. The owners of dogs exhibited for show give constant attention to the coats on an almost daily basis, hence the shiny, tight golden coats we see in the show ring.