Daily dental care for dogs


February is known in many countries around the world as ‘Dental Month’ for dogs, and yet very few animal organisations here in the UK recognise it.

Which is why WHIMZEES - the all-natural daily dental chew for dogs - has been bringing a simple and fun message around daily dental care to its consumers in Great Britain via online platforms, with the help of an entertaining video and interactive campaign via its facebook page - www.facebook.com/WhimzeesUK

At WHIMZEES, caring for dogs’ teeth is the reason behind every chew produced, and supporting this important message of canine dental care is WHIMZEES’ Dr. Danielle Bernal – a global expert in pet healthcare with over a decade of experience in veterinary medicine specialising in animal nutrition.

Here we ask Dr. Danielle (pictured right) more about caring for our dogs’ teeth:

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Why is caring for dogs’ teeth so important?

“Canine dental disease is an epidemic in the UK and the number one health issue affecting all dogs; yet just 2% of dog owners actively care for their dog’s teeth by brushing on a daily basis. To you or I, dogs with discoloured teeth, red or inflamed gums or ‘doggy breath’ may seem a normal thing, but in fact they are the very real signs of tooth decay which will be causing a pet unnecessary discomfort.”

How should we be caring for our dogs’ teeth?

“Ideally, we should be cleaning our dogs’ teeth regularly as well as taking them to the vets for regular dental check-ups. However, in today’s ever hectic lifestyle, a scientifically proven dental chew like WHIMZEES makes for the perfect addition to looking after our dogs’ teeth. Good quality chews offer the perfect aide for dog owners to clean their dog’s teeth in an easy and tasty way and - when given daily - the benefits of a chewing a scientifically proven dental shape like WHIMZEES means dogs have substantially less plaque and tartar than just eating regular dry food, as well as better breath and improved gum health. These are the exact benefits that can help minimise the incidence of dental disease”.

Dr. Danielle concludes: “In the past 10 years there has been a 23% increase in dental disease seen in companion animals to now impact 80% of adult dogs and 96% of dogs over 12 years of age.  As the biggest health issue affecting dogs it is imperative that pet owners start to help their pet by doing at home dental care every day. Make some simple changes, like offering a daily dental chew, regular check-ups and at home cleaning for your dog, and they will be well on their way to better dental health.”

WHIMZEES uses all-natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat – therefore perfect for daily use for all dogs, and have a three times longer chewing time for three times more fun! Make your switch to daily dental care for your dog.