Cockerpoo coat care


A reader asks for advice on how to keep her Cockerpoo's coat in top condition during the winter months.

Q: Can you give me any general tips on how to keep my year-old Cockerpoo’s coat in good condition as we head into winter? She has a curly, bushy coat and tends to get very muddy and matted after her daily walks. Any advice on the best grooming tools to use and whether I should bath her at this time of year would be much appreciated. Also, would I be best to trim her coat?

Joanne says: Unfortunately, as you’ve discovered, a Cockerpoo has a very high maintenance coat.
It is imperative to follow a regular grooming routine at home and pay regular visits to a professional groomer to maintain your dog’s coat in top condition. It is extremely hard work in the autumn and winter months when the weather is wet and the ground is muddy.
I would strongly advise that you keep her in a relatively shortened trim to help you through these bad weather months. A qualified groomer can advise you on the best trim for your lifestyle. You can find a qualified groomer on After you have been for walks I would wash her feet with a dog-specific shampoo and ensure they are well towel dried. Once the coat is dry, brush through with a slicker brush to ensure any tangles are removed. Don’t try to brush her when she’s muddy as this will pull on her coat and be uncomfortable for her. Alternatively, you can use a dry shampoo or cleansing mousse such as ReQual Homeline Dry Foam Cleaner, available from, and brush this through the coat to help clean it. 

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