How to prevent wax build-up in your dog's ears


How to prevent wax build-up in your dog's ears: a quick guide to keeping your dog's ears clean...

It's important that you clean your dog's ears on a regular basis, say once or twice weekly, with a gentle cleanser to prevent wax building up, which could make him uncomfortable and predispose him to ear infections.

A few drops of cleanser can be instilled into the ear, the ear is then massaged, any discharge wiped away with clean cotton wool, and the process repeated. Without regular cleaning some dogs do build up wax in their ears.

It is also worth pointing out that wax build-up may be stimulated by low-grade infections, allergies, or conformational problems (such as having narrow ear canals). If you have noticed a build up of wax in your dog's ears - get them checked out by your vet to find out if there is an underlying problem that needs addressing.

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