Can I give my dog a bone?


Can you give a dog a bone? Vet John Burns explains...

(Q) How often is it safe to give my dog a raw bone from the butcher's? She loves them! 

(A) Vet John Burns says: This is a highly controversial topic to which there is no simple, easy answer. Some vets recommend that dogs shouldn't have any bones. This is because of the danger of perforating the digestive tract or breaking teeth. Bones can also cause intestinal obstruction or constipation. On the other hand, a bone can provide entertainment and enjoyment for the dog, exercise for the jaws, and clean the teeth.

A lot depends on the dog and the bone. Some dogs can handle bones with no problem. Even the type of bone can be controversial; should it be a large bone with marrow and cartilage attached for the dog to chew off and swallow? There is also the raw meaty bone school of thought. This is a decision which you will have to make yourself.

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