Are you feeding your dog the right balance?


It’s a question we all, as dog owners, ask ourselves. Whilst we may look at our own diets and strive to eat as healthily as we can, are we doing the same for our pets?

Here’ Dr. Danielle Bernal, global expert on canine nutrition and ambassador for Wellness CORE pet food, explains how what we choose to feed our dog impacts their health and wellbeing.

How do we choose the right food with so much choice out there?

“With so much variety to choose from, so many owners remark that they feel a little lost as to what is right for their pet.  The key thing to remember is to select a brand that focuses on the perfect balance of high protein, moderate fats and lowered carbohydrates - which will help you support your animal’s health and wellbeing.”

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Why does this balance matter?

“This unique combination will deliver dogs the very best nutrition, based on what their species were designed to eat but also importantly, nutrition that is also tailored to their lifestyle of today. Take the Chihuahua for example - it simply doesn’t need to be a eating a high caloric wolf diet nor will it really thrive on a recipe with over 50% of the finished food being made up of carbohydrates” says Dr. Bernal.

What is Wellness CORE?

“Wellness CORE is a natural dog food which offers 100% pure, protein rich, grain free and balanced nutrition. It is developed by WellPet, a family-owned company that’s been innovating natural dog food since 1926, and is highly trusted across the globe for its commitment to quality and their proven success in promoting superior canine health. CORE’s balanced approach to nutrition is just what is required for today’s healthy dog” explains Dr Bernal.   

“It can be tricky to achieve the right balance of protein, carbs and fats in your pet’s diet – plus animals’ needs alter over time; but a meat-rich, balanced approach to canine nutrition is one that works across a dog’s lifespan and the various stages of their life. The positive health benefits of CORE dog food are plentiful, from the puppy stage right through to the more mature years, and include improved athleticism and supporting skeletal muscle” says Dr Bernal. 

What is dietary protein and why is it important?

“Dietary protein is needed to build hair, skin, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.  Protein also makes the enzymes that support all metabolic reactions, the hormones that act as the body’s chemical messengers and antibodies that comprise the immune system.

CORE uses fresh meat or fish as its number one ingredient in all dry recipes, and replaces all grains and cheap fillers with higher quality animal proteins like fresh turkey or salmon which are then combined with the perfect selection of nutritional fruit and vegetables; meaning more easily digestible food and better all-round nutrition” explains Dr. Bernal.

 “With this dietary protein key to all its foods in the CORE range, CORE is scientifically proven to support the wellbeing of dogs across all breeds and research has consistently shown a diet rich in high meat protein will ensure a more glossy coat and healthier digestive system as well as all-round improved wellbeing in a dog” concludes Dr. Bernal.

For almost a century, WellPet has researched the right nutritional combination for dogs, creating a 100% natural, grain free and protein rich complete meal.

Owners can trust CORE to take care of the food, so they can focus on enjoying a happier, healthier life for their dog.

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