Sloughi Breed Profile

Sloughi dog breed profile

KC Group Hound

Size Large

Height 61cm – 72cm

Good with children? Yes

Good guard dogs? No

Moulting level Low

Grooming Light

Exercise requirement Lots

Jogging partner Yes

Colours Light to red sand (with or without black mask), brindle (with or without black mask), black mantle with sand or brindle points.

Sloughi Breed Profile

The Sloughi is an incredibly loyal dog, so much so that they do not rehome easily. Although the hunting instinct is strong, they are good in the home and will enjoy running as much as lazing by the fireplace.

Sloughi character

The Sloughi is an elegant, dignified desert sight hound, who manages to combine a noble haughtiness and independence with a deep sense of loyalty and affection towards his family, while remaining reserved with strangers.

However, opinion varies from being excellent with children to being too nervous to deal with anything but a quiet life. We would therefore advise talking to the breeder for individual line characteristics. Generally, Sloughis are home loving dogs that bond very closely to their owners. Their sensitive nature requires patience and special training. They will keep themselves clean, often referred to as cat-like behaviour, grooming themselves and always keeping that refined and noble appearance.

Like many sight hounds, coming back when called is looked on as a multiple-choice question — and training is something way beneath them. As such, they should be exercised in safe, enclosed areas as they do need the opportunity to run.

Sloughi size

The Breed Standard stipulates height at withers for dogs at 66-72cm, bitches 61-68cm.

Sloughi health

A healthy dog with few breed-specific problems.

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Sloughi special care

The hunting instinct is strong, so caution must be taken off the lead and with other domestic pets.

Interesting facts about the Sloughi

The breed is thought to have got its name from an Arabic word meaning ‘fast as the wind’ (a good description, as anyone who has tried to catch one can testify!). Some theories suggest the name came from the Yemani towns of Saloug or Slouguia, although others suggest the town was named after the dog!

Although dogs in this area are often looked on as being ‘unclean’, in contrast the Sloughi is revered by his male owners, who treat the dogs as family members, and even mourn their deaths with special rituals.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.